What is Twenity?

Twenity is an exciting new way to calculate you online influence and authority. It allows you to discover your social capital while competing with your friends. Click here to find out more.

How does Twenity work?

Twenity accesses your Twitter profile and retrieves data about your followers, retweets, lists, and other parameters included in the calculation, giving you a score which unlocks various badges. It does not store your tweets. You can calculate yourself by clicking the Sign in to Twitter button and Analyze me on top of the page. You can click here for more information about the score and the game.

How does the scoring work?

Twenity gives you a score based on three components:

  • Your followers
  • Your tweets (mentions, replies, retweets)
  • Your lists

How are the score elements weighted?

Twenity gives the most weight to score from followers (around 50%), followed by your score from tweets (around 40%). The lists give you at least points, around 10% of the score. These numbers may vary from person to person.

How long does the calculation take?

The average calculation should take around 20 seconds. However, we are currently experiencing some problems with Twitter API, so some calculations can take up to a minute.

Can Twenity post in my name? Or access my direct messages?

Twenity does not have the authority to tweet in your name, follow people or access your direct messages.

What are timezones, types and industries?

For easier comparison, you can add yourself to different industry lists (2 max) and define your user type. Your timezone is selected from Twitter, and you can set it there.

How do badges work?

With your calculations, you are awarded different badges, or achievements. Badges from prior levels get replaced with new ones as you are progressing in the game.

How do levels work?

Your Twenity quest goest through 5 different levels. Each new level can be unlocked by a specific badge from a previous level.

What is a good score?

It’s hard to say what a good score is, but a score above 400 means you are doing ok, while a score above 650 means you are an influential power user.

What do I do if Twenity does not calculate me?

Twenity is still in beta, since we are still testing the behavior and problems of various users. If you aren’t calculated in 30 seconds, please try again or contact us. We store all errors and will see this anyways.

Why I am being redirected to my profile when I calculate?

Since Twenity makes a lot of requests to Twitter API, the calculations are limited to once in 20 minutes.

Why is my score fluctuating?

We are still in beta, and there are three reasons your score might be fluctuating:

  • Twenity measures 20 days of activity. This can produce score difference if you had lots of activity on the beginning or the end of this time interval
  • Because of technical reasons, we are making projections of retweets, which can sometimes be slighly off
  • We are still polishing the calculation

Thank you for your patience.

How can Twenity help me use Twitter?

Twenity can help you use Twitter in various ways. Social media professional can use it to see what kind of feedback their actions have, while Twitter newbies can use it as a guide to Twitter, seeing how their profile evolves. For more detailed instructions about what Twenity can do to improve your Twitter efficiency, please click here.